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Hello, I'm Tony Labranche and I am a Souhegan High School Alum and currently serve as a State Representative for Amherst. I have lived in Amherst for seven years now. During my time at Souhegan, I served all four years on Community Council. I also served on various committees including the Constitutional Interpretation Committee and Community Review Board to help forward student-led justice at Souhegan. 

I am profoundly grateful for the opportunities Amherst and Souhegan have given me and for that and I want to give back to my community.



State Representative


I currently serve as a State Representative for Amherst.

Souhegan 2.0

Member throughout duration of project

Souhegan 2.0 took a comprehensive look at the needs of our school. This included repairs, remodeling, updates, safety concerns, and modernization. This experience gave me a unique view of how Souhegan could be improved and the costs and savings of such projects.

Community Council

Member - Four Years

While I was a student at Souhegan, I served on the Community Council for all four years. Community Council serves as the governing body of Souhegan in terms of non-budgetary policy-making decisions that affect the school community. During my time there, I had the privilege of seeing the inner workings of how Souhegan is governed and learning the responsibilities of the different bodies and organizations that comprise Souhegan.

Constitutional Interpretation Committee

Chair - Two Years

Constitutional Interpretation Committee serves as Souhegan's Supreme Court in which disputes between the five outlined bodies; ie Community Council, School Board, Administration, Student Body, and Faculty, are resolved as all of which have distinct jurisdictions and responsibilities as outlined by the Souhegan High School Constitution.