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Hello, I'm Tony Labranche. I've been a resident of Amherst for six years now. I attended Souhegan High School and was an active member of the community. Earlier this year I ran for the Souhegan Cooperative School board where I came close to victory, running because I wanted to give back and serve my community.

Before moving to the beautiful community of Amherst I lived in Nashua, where I spent my childhood and the majority of my life growing up in. 

I was first introduced to politics in 2007. In that year I remember meeting John McCain, although I didn't realize who this man was at the time, I was glad to shake his hand. I also remember watching the rise of our first black president in 2008, watching his inauguration in my first-grade class. Four years later in 2012, I went to one of his rallies in Nashua where I would meet our congresswomen Annie Kuster. I found my passion in politics a few months later through my childhood adversity. At age ten I was diagnosed with colon cancer. I saw the American healthcare system first hand and have seen how it can drain a family financially. As cliche as it sounds, from that point, I knew I wanted to help people and make the world a better place and politics seemed to be the best way for me to do so. The passion I have gained for helping my community have only grown with time, that is why I am running for state representative.




I ran for Souhegan Cooperative School Board because of a sense of great appreciation and duty to my school which had given me so much and has made me into the person I am. During my time running for school board, I learned extensively about how New Hampshire funds its public schools, as well as many of the issues affecting the various groups around town.


This year I will be one of the thirty-eight members of the New Hampshire delegation to the Democratic National Convention. I am also the youngest member of the delagation.


I currently serve as the Treasurer for the Amherst Town Democratic Committee.