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Hello, I'm Tony Labranche and I am a Souhegan High School Alum and currently serve as a State Representative for Amherst. I have lived in Amherst for seven years now. During my time at Souhegan, I served all four years on Community Council. I also served on various committees including the Constitutional Interpretation Committee and Community Review Board to help forward student-led justice at Souhegan. 

I am profoundly grateful for the opportunities Amherst and Souhegan have given me and for that and I want to give back to my community.



State Representative


I currently serve as a State Representative for Amherst.

Notary Public


I was commissioned as a Notary Public in February 2021.

Community Council

Member - Four Years

While I was a student at Souhegan, I served on the Community Council for all four years. Community Council serves as the governing body of Souhegan in terms of non-budgetary policy-making decisions that affect the school community. During my time there, I had the privilege of seeing the inner workings of how Souhegan is governed and learning the responsibilities of the different bodies and organizations that comprise Souhegan.

Souhegan 2.0

Member throughout duration of project

Souhegan 2.0 took a comprehensive look at the needs of our school. This included repairs, remodeling, updates, safety concerns, and modernization. This experience gave me a unique view of how Souhegan could be improved and the costs and savings of such projects.