Time for Change


Repairing Our School

During my time at Souhegan, I saw first hand the declining state of our school. Just in four years, I can still remember spending first period classes in freezing in rooms that were below 40 degrees - not to mention ceiling tiles falling out or becoming discolored, and the desks and chairs that would fall apart. Unfortunately, many parts of the school still remain in this dilapidated state. In fact, some of these issues have been brought to the forefront due to recent incidents where integral parts of the school's infrastructure literally ceased to work after years of neglect. Currently, the board has no serious plans to renovate or properly service the school and has shown in past that they intend to face these problems when items break rather than taking time to prevent them in the first place. 

We need to take proactive care of our school before things break down, not only because it is more cost-efficient and saves taxpayers' money in the long run, but because it is important that we ensure our students have a comfortable and safe learning environment. 

Career Cards

Increasing Course and Career Pathways

We should offer our students as many courses and career pathways as possible and we can do it without breaking the budget. This is possible with the use of online learning resources and pathways such as the Virtual Learning Academy (VLACS) and increased cooperation with neighboring schools and districts to offer programs not available at Souhegan such as AP classes, JROTC, or technical classes. We can also work with Nashua Community College to make use of their "early college" program - this would allow students to earn an associate degree during their high school education if they choose to do so. Giving students the opportunity to take greater control of their education should be a main priority of the SAU to set students up for success right out of high school.

Female Student

Student Voice and Leadership

Students should be given the opportunity to participate in their community and should be provided positions to voice their opinion within the SAU. It is important that students should have the ability to voice their concerns about the institution that makes decisions that can severely impact their lives. Increasing student voice and listening to their concerns is integral to the Souhegan philosophy - and it is the responsibility of the board to ensure that it is not lost.