I support Tony Labranche for School Board

My name is Rolf and I am a freshman at Souhegan High School. I moved here from New Mexico because the education in New Hampshire is some of the best out there. During my time at Souhegan I have been active in student government. I am a member of the community council and I am currently one of the handful of students founding a student union.

One topic that often comes up when discussing issues is whether or not the school board will understand why we are making certain decisions. Too often we at Souhegan see the school's public image prioritized over the school itself. The truth is that Souhegan is not the school I was told it would be. I often find that teachers feel they are not important to the school board, and certain departments such as the performing arts go completely ignored.

Having somebody on school board who is exposed to Souhegan and knows what they are talking about will not only give the students voice, but also the staff. Tony has been extremely active in student government for four years, and would be an important asset to any board that wants to handle real issues the right way. Tony knows the school that he is making decisions for. I have never seen anybody from the current school board roaming the halls, why would they know what Souhegan needs?

It's time that the Souhegan Cooperative School Board starts knowing about what they are talking about.

Rolf Vanbibber

Freshman at Souhegan High School

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