In Brief

Hello Amherst,

In Short:

I am Tony Labranche, a Senior at Souhegan High school and I am running for Souhegan Cooperative School Board. I’ve lived in Amherst for six years now. I have been a leader and active member of our Souhegan Community since freshman year. I have:

  • Been on Community Council for four years.

  • Currently Chair of the Constitutional Interpretation Committee (our version of a Supreme Court) for two years now.

  • Been the Chair and vice-chair of the Community Review Board (our appeals court) for 2 years.

  • Was a Member then Chair of the Judiciary Board (hands out consequences) for 3 years.

  • Was on the Souhegan 2.0 Task-force which looked into all necessary repairs and modernization efforts needed at Souhegan and explored their costs.

  • Current Chair of the Judiciary Reform sub-committee of Community Council

  • Founder and President of the Souhegan Student Union

  • Was on the Dean of Students Hiring Committee

All of these experiences make me uniquely positioned to know how Souhegan operates and to see the challenges we face going forward. Some of these are as follows:

  • Increasing course and career pathways for our students, all of this being affordable by increased cooperation with neighboring schools and the use of online resources such at VLACS.

  • Repairs we need to make before cost become exuberantly high and before a catastrophic failure such as the power loss we had this year

  • Student Leadership and Student voice and harnessing the passion and energy of our students to make Souhegan a better place

  • Costs as proportionate to enrollment and quality of education

  • The implementation of Competency Based Education without harming students when it comes to going to college and also so that they and their parents are always up to date on their grades.

  • Concerns relating to start time changes, which will severely impact High School Students

Thank You for your consideration and get out and vote tomorrow in our town elections! 6 AM to 8 PM at Souhegan.

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