Moms for Tony Labranche

On March 10th, I invite you to vote for my son Tony Labranche. Tony is only 18 years old but if you have a chance to talk to him, you will quickly find out that he is a really mature, knowledgeable and well-spoken man. From a young age, Tony has demonstrated resilience and a positive attitude when facing difficult times. When he was only 10 years old he was diagnosed with cancer but throughout his fight he kept a smile on his face and a smile on mine. This was not just a battle for him but for us as a family. I am a single mother of one and he is all I have and he is the best I could ask for. He has always been interested in history and politics but most importantly in justice and fairness. He is the kind of person that will read and do his research before talking about a subject or given his opinion. He has been an elected member of the Community Council since freshman year and has been on different committees at the school since. Souhegan has truly one of the best things to happen to him, and he has been committed to making it a better place ever since. He has been passionate about making Souhegan a better place for all his peers and has often stood up for those who couldn’t do it themselves. Now he is fighting for all our kids, please give him a chance and visit and consider him when voting on March 10th for Souhegan Cooperative School Board.

Sandra Martin

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