October Letter to the Editor

Hello, my name is Tony Labranche and primary season is officially over! I am so glad that the time and efforts of all of my supporters have propelled us towards the general election. I want to thank everyone who came to hold signs, talked to a neighbor, or simply made their way to the polls. 

      Our success on September 8th shows that we have an incredible amount of people in Amherst who understand that we need to take care of our families and our neighbors by putting progress above politics. On that day you proved we all want to live in a state where our children can get an affordable education, where your sons and daughters can raise a family, and where our retirees can continue to live without being forced out of their homes by ever-rising property taxes. 

      I firmly believe that we can be proud of our state and still understand that it is not perfect, and that it can be better. We can be better by having paid family leave so our workers can spend time with their children. We can help get rid of the negative partisanship that runs our politics with electoral reform. We can work to protect our environment for generations to come. These do not have to be partisan issues despite how they are often treated today. There is common ground among all of us in Amherst, regardless of what you are currently registered as. 

      With your support, we can help ourselves and those close to us by improving the beautiful town and state we live in. You can help support my campaign by going to

Thank you,

Tony Labranche

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