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Updated: Jun 7

To say that Representative Labranche’s engagement in the Souhegan community has not been inspiring or effective would be a blatant lie. Not only has Labranche become a well-known name among Souhegan’s civic-minded students, but his deliberation of Souhegan’s performance and operation has given current students initiative to act on these issues. Students are actively paying attention to the decisions and composition of the school board and administration. This would have an incredible impact on the culture of Souhegan High School had it not been for an obvious flaw. Souhegan’s Standards of Mind and Heart have been gradually cheapened to become a false sense of student leadership.

Twenty-nine years ago Souhegan High School was specifically crafted with the intention of being unique, democratic, engaging, and enriching with real-life experiences. Today, we see the school leaning towards the average academically and spiritually struggling American high school. With a deceptive school board that provides outdated and misleading information, and an evasive and dismissive administration, students have lost interest and hope in Souhegan’s values. This struggling sense of community and uniqueness in our school has led to both academic and civic disengagement from students.

Souhegan’s Community Council has become less utilized as a large majority of proposals come from members of the council itself rather than the greater community. When students on council uphold the founding documents and values of the school, they are directly demeaned by the administration. When students move their interests to the board, they are dismissed and ignored for months on end. The district seems to care more about the school’s public image than its performance, values, or physical state. Water damaged ceilings, explicitly instructing staff to not respond to the concerns of parents, restrictions on academic achievement, an admittedly broken and misleading grading system, inoperable HVAC and heating systems, and, as of recent, a lack of access to water on campus. These are only a handful of issues at Souhegan that are hidden behind a struggling image of mind and heart.

Representative Labranche is the candidate for Souhegan. Labranche strives to maintain a truer image of Souhegan Cooperative High School through thorough and honest communication with families, consideration of the will of the students and staff, ensuring proper maintenance standards, encouraging academic acceleration and exploration through real-life experience, and to overall uphold the intent of Souhegan’s existence in the first place: to provide an educational experience that is physically maintained, academically enriching, and community-oriented. Please vote for Representative Tony Labranche for Souhegan Cooperative School Board on June 8th at Souhegan High School.

Signed, Rolf Vanbibber Sarah Tupper Riley McNeil Owen Frates Duncan Frates Megan Sinner Natalie Weiss Isabella Vanbibber Chandler Leo Michael Merryfield Nick Brown Elliot DelSignore Peter Fairfield Nick "NJ" Hutchinson Emma Brown Carter Riggins Emma Hudson PJ Cloutier Kennedy William Leverone Sammy Andrews Aidan Ryan Dayna Pickering Charlie Hall Jacob Sainsbury Maya Walulik

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