Support Tony LaBranche for NH House of Representatives

Please join with me to elect Tony Labranche to the New Hampshire House of Representatives for Hillsborough 22.  I became acquainted with Tony a little more than 4 years ago.  Over these years, we have observed Tony throughout his high school years as a kind and very considerate soul.        Tony’s focus has always been to work hard and do the right things.  He participated in the Souhegan High School Community Council, specifically serving on the Judiciary Board, Community Relations Board, and the Constitutional Interpretation Committee.  Tony has developed a zeal to serve in government, yet never sought to be popular.  He simply wants to do the right thing and be of service to his community.

      Tony is concerned the appropriations for education in New Hampshire are unfairly allocated, placing an excessive burden on the taxpayers.  It is amazing that a very young man is concerned with, not only the appropriations for education, but also reducing property taxes, and electoral reform.  It makes sense that Tony listens and engages in honest and fruitful discussions to realize good and fair solutions.  Tony does not vilify anyone he has a disagreement, nor does he hold grudges.  

      Given these contentious and ever more uncertain times, we need more government leaders who are honest, listen to their constituents, practical, pragmatic, and actively seek cooperation from their colleagues, regardless of political affiliation.  Tony has youthful energy, believes in the system, and is a welcome breath of fresh air. Again, please join in and support Tony LaBranche for the New Hampshire House of Representatives-Hillsborough 22.


Dwayne Purvis


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