Tony Labranche for School Board - A Fresh Perspective

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Please join me in supporting Tony Labranche for school board. Tony is a senior at Souhegan High School and is uniquely positioned to understand the needs of students while understanding the burdens of high taxes. He is a likable and proactive young man who serves on Souhegan High School's Community Council and also leads an after school club. In his role in these groups, Tony demonstrates both an interest in working with others and a willingness to discuss issues. He does his research and will come prepared to discuss whatever codes or bylaws underlie the topic at hand. He is a strong advocate for student issues and is willing to stand up for those who may feel they cannot speak for themselves. Recognizing that an investment in our students is a vital part of the reputation of our town and directly affects our property values, it is imperative that board members are well versed in the issues facing our school. This requires having the perspective of all students as they experience school on a daily basis. Tony has this perspective, as well as the mindset to push for change where it is needed and to hold fast where the system is working. He would make a wonderful addition to our school board.

Anna Barrett

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I support Tony Labranche for School Board

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